About Kevin Cochrane

Kevin Cochrane is a community advocate with an immense passion for the City of Fort Lauderdale. After graduating Stanford University, Kevin founded his first company, Interwoven, when he was 24 and took it public 3 years later. The company helped organizations build their first Internet, intranet, and eCommerce websites.  Kevin also ran product and marketing at public Swiss software company Day Software, where he built it into a global Internet powerhouse, sold it to Adobe Systems, and created the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  

Since making Fort Lauderdale his home, Kevin has been a passionate advocate for our city.  He organized a group of individuals concerned about bad public policy to object to a planning and zoning exception to a proposed micro-housing project by AHF.  This multi-year effort led to a successful outcome with AHF not moving forward with its project.  In addition, Kevin led public awareness, education, and advocacy to make water and infrastructure #1 priorities for our Mayor and City Commission.

Kevin is also a marathon runner who is active in Fort Lauderdale’s running scene. In 2018, Kevin ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days and in 2019, he did a solo run from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco along US Highway 1. This year, aside from running for office, Kevin will be running the Big Six Marathons – after Boston in April, his next races including Berlin, London, Chicago, New York this Fall and Tokyo in Spring.